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Global Cases


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Why the World Top 500 Choose Us

  • Official Designation

    Designated builder for two sessions of CIIE; The construction projects and construction area of the first CIIE rank first in the industry.

  • 400,000+

    The annual average construction area of domestic and overseas projects are more than 400,000 square meters and we have built more than 100 permanent venues. The number of construction projects and the total area are unparalleled in the field of exhibition design and construction.

  • 106 countries

    Our service network covers 602 cities among 106 contries in the world, and we have established long-term strategic and cooperative relationship with more than 200 host venues in Asia, Europe, North America, etc.

  • 100+

    We have 100 professional designers, and we are serving more than 70% of the world's top 500 and more than 400 government agencies, and we have won more than 60 awards.

  • One-stop service

    We provide global one-stop booth design, planning and operation services with opening industry chain. We offer the channel and give you services.

Theme Cultural Hall

Event Planning


Company News

How to make a good exhibition stand?

How to make a good exhibition stand?

How to make a good exhibition stand?1. Know your objectives and set goalsBefore you get going with t...

Company Introduction

Company Profile

Omaten Exhibition is the designated builder by hundreds of exhibition that has organizers around the world. Around brand building and corporate public relations, Omaten creates online and offline integrated experiential exhibition marketing with creativity and technology, and sets a new benchmark for the industry. Omaten leads the intellectual upgrading of exhibition industry with the twin engine of "technological innovation" and "the spirit of craftsman", and creates a one-stop exhibition service platform for big data, accurate promotion and fine marketing with digital technology. Currently, our business scope covers global exhibitions, event management, theme cultural halls, etc.

Brand Customers